Do you want to find global trade opportunities, business partners and sources of finance quickly and cost-effectively?

Do you want to be notified of global business opportunities in a variety of industry sectors?

Do you want to interact with your suppliers, vendors, distributors, business partners, prospects and customers cost-effectively?

At Takara, we won't presume to know how you should run your business. That's why we focus on working with you. We've designed our implementation services to adapt to your goals and way of doing business. Our small size allows for a more hands-on, personable team approach to your business needs.

If your firm has seriously been contemplating the development of investment and trade linkages with companies from the other regions of the world, then membership in the Global business linkage platform is an excellent way to achieve this goal. To register your organization on the platform, please complete and mail the attached the questionnaire to Takara Systems. After we receive your completed questionnaire, we will assist you to create a detailed business profile to enhance your matching potential.

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