To facilitate business linkages, the the e-Relationship platform uses Takara Systems Web-Enabled Connections and Collaboration (WECC) framework consisting of the following main components:

WECC Xtreme
WECC Xtreme consists of the business process steps and artifacts used to facilitate recruitment of participants to the platform, registration of business profiles, matching of companies and the management of business interactions.

WECC MetaBase
This is a dynamic data dictionary used to define the things that are relevant in the business context, the properties that describe those things and the relationships between them. Data items that can be defined include Company, Employee, Expert, Country, Currency, Industry and Product.

WECC Registry
The WECC Registry System is the registry for storing, changing and retrieval of Country, Sector, Company and individual users’ profiles. The information collected depends on the type of party. For a person, the information collected in the profile include name, address, telephone number, email address, skills etc. Company profiles include information such as the name of the company, the main contact person and contact mechanisms (telephone, fax, email etc), products and services offered, financial records etc. For country profiles, key economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Income, GNI, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), population, population density, population growth rate, transportation systems, trade policies, and budget are collected.

The type of information can be changed, expanded or reduced dynamically based on the business context. The WECC Registry System also manages the association between various parties (companies, countries, persons) and their registered end users.

WECC Discoverer
The WECC Discoverer System provides a mechanism whereby parties (companies, countries, independent consultants etc) can discover new trading partners in a cost-effective manner. It is a flexible, rule-based application system that uses the party profiles in the WECC Registry to facilitate the matching of one party’s needs to another party’s capacity. The matching engine allows for user-defined, rule-based and manual matching.

WECC Analytics
All matches created by WECC Discoverer are analyzed by the WECC Analytics system to determine the degree of compatibility. WECC Analytics uses this information to rate the matches and to establish leading matches for face to face meetings and logistics planning.

WECC Analytics also generates an array of activity reports including registration reports, matching reports, forum attendance confirmation reports, resource scheduling reports and meeting appointments reports.

WECC Logistics
WECC Logistics consists of a scheduler to facilitate allocation of conference resources such as conference rooms, cubicles, tables and computers. It also contains a meeting appointment manager. The system allows for allocation of conference resources based on company matches and the availability of these resources. The built-in conflict manager prevents conflicts in meeting schedules and "double-bookings" of conference resources.

The WECC Logistics scheduler is loosely integrated with the WECC Discoverer matching engine allowing for automatic changes in meeting appointments and conference resource scheduling to occur based on adjustments to company matches.

WECC Collaborator
WECC Collaborator provides parties registered on the e-Relationship platform with an environment for discussion forums, instant messaging, document exchange, and knowledge management. This is the mechanism used to facilitate interactions between business partners and potential business partners.

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